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MichaelBM offers production of high quality and professional websites that meet all modern standards. Compliance with the best practices and implementation of the established standards over time, makes each website accessible and understandable for consumers and for the leading Internet search engines.

In the earliest stages of website development project life cycle we rely on the concept of optimization. Thus we ensure an excellent start to the project in the real environment and investments for implementation of SEO optimization immediately after the product release are not necessary.

The web page is the face of you or your business on the web. Very important is the initial impression which will remain in the future visitors after their first meeting with the website. Therefore we strive to provide excellent user experience in each of our projects.

There are different kinds of Web pages, so we grouped them into four common types: "business card" site, corporate site, e-shop and other site type.

"Business card" site

The "business card" site, also known as presentational site, consists of several pages. It is suitable for start-ups who need a website for informational purposes.

Corporate site

This is the most common type of website and contains an unlimited number of pages. It is the right choice for companies looking for a serious online presence.


E-shop allows you to bring your business online. With its typical features, it is an attractive choice when it comes to expanding the target audience and increasing the number of clients.

Other site type

This category includes all other sites that do not fall within the previous three categories.