Corporate identity

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Corporate identity, also known as company identity, is a combination of colors, shapes and graphics that are intended to represent the company both to clients and to all stakeholders.

To stand out against your competitors specific appearance is required which sets the "personality" of the company. By achieving visual consistency the trademark becomes easy for adoption and assessment by the customer.

Components of corporate identity

Professional corporate identity is the result of a successful symbiosis between the following components:

All three components are related to web design as well as to print advertising, employees and the company as a whole.

What we offer?

MichaelBM offers preparation of corporate identity in respect of all three components. The main tangible product of the corporate identity are printed materials that include:

To achieve an excellent outcome we consider all aspects accompanying the construction of a unique company identity - socio-cultural factors, nature and philosophy of the business and the company, thereby ensuring the attainment of high quality impression of your style.